Where I've Been

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Riding

Well I'm back in Saskatoon and the weather has been treating us great by Saskatchewan standers. I've been able to ride outside twice on the weekend and besides getting a bit dirty and toes freezing a little bit, it’s been fun. I think that the cars that drive beside us think that we are just a little to keen for spring to come. But the snow is melting and will hopefully (fingers crossed) will continue to. Looking at the weather forecast says that we will get into the low teen by the beginning of next week, then in the spare of two day drop to -4c and freeze everything once again and make a nice icy skating rink of the city!

Riding outside this spring seems hard, I found that it was much easier to ride in warmer weather and not be as tired. But I guess that you have to take the good with the bad. I’ve been riding my cross bike, with weights about the 23lb mark, its like biking with two people holding onto your ankles. It’s heavy and slow but it makes you work harder, or just makes you more tired, and hate that bike more. I think it’s the latter. Haha.

Today was a busy day for me; I rode for about 3 and a half hours then grabbed a bite to eat and then was off to the pool. I still swim and run in the winter, I find that its good cross training and it gives me more options other then the bike. But as soon as the snow all melts or that it becomes nice enough to ride all the time outside those other sports get put on the back shelve.

Life is like riding a bike, If it's easy , it's a sign that you're going downhill!


Friday, March 12, 2010


Well it has been about a week since I got to Tucson and started riding. We have been very lucky with the weather here; it has been above 20c every day when riding. Our hotel is great, with pool and hot tub, but it’s a bit far from rides. We have to ride through the city for an hour or so to get out.

First day was mount lemon. Talk about easing into it; that was a slap in the face to try to climb that after 3 months on the trainer. It hurt; I hadn’t climbed a hill for probably 6 months. I was pretty dead after it.

I saw a funny commercial on TV, it is for a California milk co. and the cow says “guess we’re not in Saskatchewan anymore” I don’t know but I found it funny. Sorry this was kind of off the subject.

I wasn’t feeling that fresh for the next day of riding. It was a beautiful ride out to Gate Pass, and the view from top of the mountain. But coming from the prairies I haven’t been outside much, and just being out in the fresh air so much was tiring.