Where I've Been

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Only Weather

The weeks have been uneventful from the last time I wrote. The weather has been warming up bit by bit. Today was the first rain of the year. I was very happy to be around to see it otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it. The weekend was beautiful though, got lots on riding in, about 9 hours in total. The days all have been very windy but that’s spring in Saskatchewan. It seem like it’s almost t-shirt weather…. Wow this is lame talking about weather.

I’m off the Penticton in a couple days for the Sask Cycling climbing camp which should be fun. I hope to get lots of miles in and get faster at climbing and not go backwards for now on. I could touch on the weather and say that it’s going to be cold and wet but I won’t because I’m not going to talk about the weather any more.

Well this is all for now, hopefully I have more to talk about other then the weather…