Where I've Been

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well I think today deservers a blog post….Europe has slowly been breaking me down.  First it was my water bottle cage, meh easy fix, no problem. Next was a crash in Flanders where I lost skin, messed up my shoulder, broke my shoe and cleat.  Still an easy fix, skin heals, shoe can be fixed and cleats are meant to be broken. Next was a broken helmet, it only cost me an arm and leg as well as hefty visa bill.  Last but not least I (well not me but another racer) broke my bike by landing on it. Snap not quiet an easy fix.  So Europe you broke my stuff, my bike, my bank account and the cheesy thing would be to say that it didn’t break my spirit; but let’s face it, it kind of did today.

Only have another week to go in Europe and three races all in Germany, hopefully I will have a bike that fits and be back to working order by Friday.

Give me a day or two and I will bounce back.  A bike is just a bike and money really does come from trees. This is just a short post today but it has all the exciting bits in it, hopefully more (positive) exciting thing to come in the week.