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Sunday, October 24, 2010

present life

Back to present life, cross season has just finished and I have finished pretty much unscathed. Besides a couple minor crashes I’m good. The last crashed that I had was in the pre-ride of cross provincials; I hit a hole that was covered by leaves and bit it hard. I messed up my neck and shoulder a bit, but the race still went pretty well.

I’m hoping to get to Tucson this winter for some training. It so hard to plan everything for a big trip, and get people organized to come also. But that’s life it’s not always going to be easy. Wow look at me getting all deep haha.



Oh wow that’s all I can say, I’m so bad with keeping up with writing and updating my blog. Though in my defense I did break my computer screen and have to order a new one, but at the same time we did have three other computers in the house. I guess I can continuo off where I let off.


The Race - We went to Italy for world juniors; it was thousand times better than going to Moscow the year before. The races didn’t go as well as I had hoped, looking back on the races I think that I didn’t get the right training this year that I need to do well. I was injured lots and sick about every two months like clockwork. In the month before worlds I was mostly was racing and resting and traveling there are not much training for Worlds.

The Food – The food we ate at our hotel was amazing, tasty and delicious, though we did have pasta lease once a day. When I got home I never ate pasta for three weeks. There are a couple nasty story about food from Italy. I ordered fried fish, thinking that I would be a fillet of fish. What came to the table was a school of baby fish with eyes looking at me, fins and everything. Let’s just say that I had a panic attack and couldn’t eat anything that night.

The Landscape – Italy is beautiful, whether you are in Roma or the seaside of Gradamara. I have the pleasure of being on both coast and I must say I love the “east coast” and there beaches. I only got to the beach once in the day time. That one time on the beach I burned so bad.

Well that’s it for now, Italy in a nut shell