Where I've Been

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Worlds for juniors this year are being held in Offida Italy. And as far as I know it is a very small town but I quote “the treasure of Italy”. I was kind of surprise to find out that there was only one hotel in this town, which kind of looks like an upscale farm house. I think there are only 4-5 bedrooms for rent. There are no hotels other hotels around this place but there are farm houses that can be rented. I know when I say farm house you probably think, old, shabby, hay and life stock. But I am talking about a modern dream house in the heart of wine land.

Though I don’t know where we are staying I know that where ever it is, it will be very nice because it’s Italy. But here comes the problem of where to eat. Since there are no hotels close by that means no in hotel restaurants. I’m really not a big fan of having to cook for myself after some long tough races. I have no idea what we will do for food. The food itself should be wonderful – Italy is the land of pasta and pizza and let’s not forget, the wine. Last year worlds were in Moscow and the food was so bad, there really are not words for it – this year there is no way but up for the food.

I am so excited to go to Italy, it’s a place that I have always wanted to go and see. Offida may not be a big city or have lots of things to do but it does have some amazing history and culture. The buildings from what I have seen, on the web of course, are mind-blowing! I will be in Italy in lest then I month from now, but I will already be in Europe. I am leaving for Belgium in four days…. More updates soon to come.

Europe please