Where I've Been

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Europe and Flanders

Europe so far has had its ups and downs over the week and a half that I have been here.  I arrive in Belgium greeted with a surprise, sunny weather; warm sunny weather.  I took my bike out for a spin later that day.  I have glad to find that my bike had arrived in one piece but they did manage to break a strap on my helmet: how they manage to do that is beyond me it would have had to be creative though.

 Being away from Belgium for awhile I had forgotten about the crazy winds and the rough roads that make you get lost so easily.  I always seem to get turned around that I am going to other way then I thought I was. Lucky me that all I have to do is follow the wheel in front of me or get into a van when I have told when my sense of direction goes to shit.

Four days after arriving we had are first race, Tour of Flanders.  It was my first world cup and I will have to say more nervous then I have ever been.  But as my luck would have it I only lasted a short time in the race before I decided to become good friends with the pavement.  I was making my way slowly up to the front of the pack and was about a third of the way there when I started to see a couple girls bounce off of each other. The girls started to go down in front of me and there was nowhere for me to go… shit shit was all I could think, and then I got run over.  I smacked the pavement messing up my shoulder and knee a bit, little bit of road rash.  I got back up and tried to chase back on but the pack was flying and there was no way that a single rider, this rider, was going to get her butt back on the pack. Plus I was hurting from my crash.

I got into the car and ended up watching the race from that back. :(