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Saturday, July 3, 2010

one more thing

Totally forgot to put this in my first post today (or tonight).
I made the World Junior Canada team - off to Italy baby!!!!!
And Canadian cycling wants me to go to europe early to race and train before worlds. So I am now going to be going to Belgium and France!!!! A whole month in Europe? yes please :) My jaw was probably somewhere on the ground when I heard this. I was grinning like an fool, and the most the came out of my mouth was maybe a "yes" and "oh really" "thats awesome" more smiling and nodding of the head. I must have looked like a idiot....


Nationals are done

Nationals are now done and all is left is the crit tomorrow which is not a national event. Which is my significant opinion is too bad because some of my best races this year have been in crits. But that’s the way it goes and I will just have to face (over time of course) to that’s the fact. Truthfully I really don’t care that it’s not a national event I try to look at each race as an important race. A race is a race whether it be a local provincial race or a world cup – they only differences would be the goals that would be se for that race.

Well I am the Canadian National Time Trail Junior Champ again, but this time it was by default with isn’t quite as nice as winning it a 100%. Personally I would have like to come in second knowing that I did my best and that the better girl won that day, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have like to beat the girl. But here’s the thing rules are rules – a person that is not a Canadian citizenship cannot win a Canadian championship.

I gave the TT my best shot, I had not had a good TT all year and it really turned out well in the end. I was really hurting up the hill in the course. I hate to admit that up the second hill I was hurting more then I should have been – seriously I was in my granny gear, I had no more gears on a junior geared bike. Oh and it wasn’t a steep hill maybe 6% maybe a bit more.

The road race… ya… we will leave it at that…. Grrrr.


Oh and the bubbly its not real... apple juice, too bad

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nationals UH-OH

Right now I am sitting in my hotel by myself in Edmonton because I am the lone junior rider from Saskatchewan that is racing Nationals. I never really had a hotel room all to myself; I have always shared with someone. It’s kinda weird and more than a little bit boring. It wouldn’t be so bad if this hotel that I’m staying at had wifi that I could watch some videos. But the internet is so slow here that Facebook is so slow. Still there is a TV so I won’t die and So You Think You Can Dance is on, what girl doesn’t like that show?

I’m a bit nervous for my races that are coming up. First race is on Friday, the most importance race, the ITT. I am going to be meeting up with the BC junior Team tomorrow morning to go for a ride in Devon. I think we are going to be riding the road course. Though, I will still need to ride the ITT course tomorrow, so I might not ride that long with the BC group tomorrow. I will still need to talk to my coach and find out what the plan is for tomorrow but it’s not that late right now so I have time to figure this all out.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

.....Ah can't think of a title for this post

It’s been a long time since I have wrote here is the break down in what has happened since then.
- Raced
- Hurt my back and couldn’t race
- Rode the track
- Raced Westside (back gotten better)
- Packed up my car and drove a long 9 hours to Calgary (4 hours faster than my ETA on my GPS
- Drove home to Saskatoon the next day
- Did the Tuesday nighter the day I got home… can you say keener
- Raced Regina with the boys
- Home for a couple days
- Left for Banff
- Got sick and wasn’t able to race Banff
- Tried to get better
- Tuesday : hardest work out ever
- Wednesday: correction today hardest work out of the year
- Beautiful lighting and thunder storm
- 15km time trial
Well this is up to date with all the more important things that when on in the life in the last 4 weeks or so. This, people is my life so exciting. I haven’t traveled anywhere that has been crazy interesting. I am thinking about going to Australia in the fall for a while. I might not even do school this year.
The next big race that I’m doing is Nationals and I will be leaving in the next couple of days. I will try to write a bit about it afterwards but I might not have time cause I will be driving straight to BC the day Nationals is all done.

Wish me luck