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Saturday, July 17, 2010

little bit foggy

Now I really don’t have anything new to talk about but I’m bored so I decided to write a bit. I won’t talk about weather that subject has been dried out like an old….. I’ll leave that blank, haha. My brain is in a real slow mode right now, I’m having a hard time keeping one thought going and writing it down fast enough that I remember it. I had a nap today and I’m now wondering if that is the cause of it… damn nap but it felt so good when I woke up. But I now just can’t seem to get over this dreaming foggy state. I’m going to have to quit writing because it’s just too hard, I might have to stop and watch family guy the most mindless show around.


Friday, July 16, 2010


I have made it to Belgium in one piece and so did my bikes though the airline did manage to break my monster of a bike box. How they did this I have no idea; they would have had to through it out of the plane to bend it like they did. I was hoping that since I paid 550$ to get my bike on the plane they would have taken better care of it. Never fly Delta they are crap, so expensive for bikes to fly international. It didn’t have a good flight never slept at all.

My first flight was from Saskatoon to Minneapolis, and it was on a small plane with only one flight attended. I was on the same flight as a bunch of pro weight borders. Of course I didn’t get a seat next to them, I got a seat next to an old 85 year old man, that couldn’t see and couldn’t hear. And if he wasn’t 85 year old I would have thought that he was trying to feel my ass up by “searching “for the seatbelt. Yuck….

Belgium is a very neat place to see – very European of course. The people here are friendly and make an effort to help you. The first day we got here we had a major thunder storm and the rain was coming down in sheets. I never saw rain quite like that is such a short time. The house we are staying in is more like a loft; it’s pretty nice and homey. The first night jet lag hit me bad I woke up at around 4 Belgium time and was up for about an hour and half before I got tired again and went back to bed.

The riding around here is super nice though I got shaken to bit from the rough roads today. The roads here are very rough but there are interesting things to look at along the way. The change of scenery is refreshing from the prairie plains. It is very flat here like Saskatchewan with a few popping rollers. The last couple of days here have been very winding, not that different from Sask but combine that with rough roads it can be quite difficult.

The first race here is on Sunday at 2 o’clock and it’s a 130km, which is the longest race I have will have to do and have done it this year. It’s a UCI 1.2 race which I must admit that it’s kind of scary. There are going to be about 170 women in the race which is by far the biggest race that I have ever been in.

dat is het voor nu
(thats it for now)



Sunday, July 11, 2010

the plan

I was told today regarding my trip to Italy and I quote “Watch out for all those Italian men”. Well there is no problem with that, I’m going to keep a look out for them; I won’t miss them. I was planning on going to Australia in the fall but I’m thinking now that I might end up staying in Italy if all goes to plan. I need to find a rich good looking Italian man at lease twenty years my senior that can fund my pro cycling career and take me to all the European fashion shows. Uh ya that’s my plan.