Where I've Been

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Elephants upstairs

       I have been putting off writing a new blog post because here in Tucson there really isn’t anything new to tell.  We all have kind of fallen into a routine here in our apartment.  Everyone gets up on their own time then makes breakfast.  Our kitchen is so small that more than two people cooking at a time has people bumping into one another.  Once breakfast in done we take a look outside and  see what the weather is going to be like.  And if it’s warm enough we ride earlier outside, if not, we sit with are computers completely ignore each other in a very polite way.   We either ride together as a group for some of the ride or we all go our separate ways and get our work outs in.
       I think Tucson seems more and more like home to me, I have my favorite coffee shop, grocery store, frozen yogurt place and gelato shoppe, favorite mall and restaurant.  I do miss home and the people back there but it can’t beat the weather that we our having here.
       On the forecast for Tucson is has been sunny and warm for the month that we have been down here but our good fortune has started to run out.  Starting on Monday it is going to start getting colder and rain.  Wednesday is going to go down to only plus 9c here.  Those of you back home will be shaking you heads and calling us wimps for thinking this is cold but the truth is for Tucson it is.  Once you start getting use to it being warm it’s not fun when it gets cold again.  The desert is funny that way it can be both hot and cold all in a 24 hours period of time.
        We finally figure out what was making all the noise in the upstairs apartment above us, turns outs that they have a dog that runs around like an elephant chasing the cat that has wolf paws and a two year old hanging onto its tail.  When you put a dog, cat, and two children under the age of 5 all in a room together you get something that sounds like bowling.  There really is no other way to describe it.  I might actually think that an elephant would be quieter then the four little monsters upstairs, because elephants walk slower and not like a galloping herd of wild animals.  I never knew that is was possible that four things that don’t ever weigh a hundred pounds in total could make so much noise at eight o’clock in the evening.  Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care that they make noise, I find it kinda funny in a way trying to guess whether or not they are sliding the dog or cat across the floor and then throwing tennis balls for it to chase,
      Today is the last day that we will have only four people in the house we will be getting to new roomies starting tomorrow; it’s going to be cozy… Or not.  The apartment really isn’t that big and the kitchen is pretty small to begin with and we are going to through 6 people all in the house see what happens.  They really should make a TV show about us, cause we would make good reality TV combined with the crazies from upstairs.

Anywho cheers for now