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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New BIke

Here is a picture of the new shoes

and the lovely pedals

And here is the look of the bike, My will be a bit different but heres the idea

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Face Lift

As the two of you can see (hi mom, dad), just gave my blog a face lift trying out some new ideas. Like it? Hate it? Love it? Bopp it, Twist it, now freeze! Sorry could help but put that game saying from the '90s in. Any ideas on things I can do better or can change or am I just that great with putting together an amazingly awesome blog!

      My blog really doesn't reach that many people and in the winter I think that I might even forget about it myself. I don't have it linked to facebook every time I post, guess I'm too shy and who would really read it anyways... I have had a few people ask me if I had a website, blog or something along that line and I say yes, and give the url.  I think I have only been ask that three times before, Yeah for my three fans!  And for the longest time my parents didn't know I had a blog, I didn't feel the need to tell them at the time because if I could only get my parents to read it I would be in trouble. Not trouble in the sense that they wouldn't approve in what I was writing but that I was worried that only two people for ever read it.  Not that I need people to read about my day to day life and my cycling and travel and my odd rant and spew on the weather, but it is kind of nice to know that your voice, (my voice not yours) was being heard now and then from an othersider other then family.

      My blog is millions of years away from ever going viral, which probably means that my grandchildren will have to keep up the writing for me, only if they loved me enough.  I will probably put in my will that if they want to get any money from me, and I planning on having a lot but spending it on bikes, cars and castles and men servants with accents before I die, if they want any money which is left over, which I know already by the rate that I spend at this point in my life won't be much, they will have to write in my memory about me in this blog.  They can update it and make it look nicer and maybe put some famous photos of me up too.

    I try pretty hard in my blog not to rant too much, because as much as people love rants and reading about them they can get annoying.  But there is some time nothing better then a long pointless rant that goes on and on forever and never finished.  I am a good rant listener, I am a good listener in general and I find rants in some people to be very funny.  Rants about their pointless lifes, dead end jobs, their crappy car, their bitchy (fill in the blank) person in their life.  I really don't like to rant because all that a rant comes down to is a person spewing the anger/ trouble/ problem to people that really don't care what you are talking about but find it funny to listen to you. (and no this little blurb what I just wrote is not a rant, rather its just a fact not a theory because I'm a girl which makes me right - plus its my blog)

     I must really have a sad little life right now becuase here I am writing to people that don't read this about a blog that no ones read, at one o'clock in the morning.  These pain meds that I am on from getting my widsom teeth out must really be making me go for a loop. If you knew me in person, which some of you might know, or maybe you don't because you don't know me as well as you think you do, that I'm really not like this kind of weird loner that writes in a blog to all hours of the night.  Heres the deal with me today, for those of you still giving it a shot to try to follow along with my mess of writing and spelling mistakes - bless you, you poor soles that have nothing else better to do than to read it. If I were you, which I am not, I would have quit reading this after the first paragraph. It is much more funner, yes I used funner, its one o'clock in the morning I can write like I want, for me to write then it is probably for you to read this.  Back to topic, heres the deal with my today, I got my wisdom teeth out this morning which I have said in the past blog post and this present one, the meds that I am one are super strong and I have no idea what they are called, all I know that the warning of drossiness is a lie, I have never been more wide eye awake.  Its like I'm jacked on caffine, though I haven't had any for like 40 hours! Must be some kind of record for a cyclist too!  I did have a long nap after I got out from the surgery, from 11am to 2pm.  That IV drip was still working for quite awhile after it was taking out.  So now I am not tired at all and my teeth and mouth hurt like hell, so I don't think that I even want to try to sleep. 
        I am sooooo bord (see the repeat of the "o"'s that means I'm really bord)  I watched a lot of TV today and I am sick of it. And that is sure saying something because its takes a lot of Tv before I ever get sick of it.  I can go 5 hours watching TV and not get sick of it, (yes I can be that lazy).  By 8 or 9 o'clock tonight I was going crazy, I even got my mom to play a game of battleships with me which I won I am proud to say. I haven't played that game in years. Truefully I haven't played board games in years, any game!  Then again I haven't read a book in about 8 months either, I can just see all the english teacher in the world shuttering at that fact.  Its not that I don't have books to read, I do.  I have about 3 or 4 unread booked in my room that haven't been touched yet.  The problem is that I always fine something else to do that is not nearly as heathly for me as reading a good book, like watching TV on the TV. Or watching movies and TV shows on my computer.  I have just started watching Glee in the past two week and I am now in the second seasons and have almost sank to becoming a Gleek - not yet though.  I have other shows  like supernatural, and america's next top model, community, gossip girl, being erica, the big bang theory and amazing race that I watch too.  As you can see I have too just time on my hands, with working part time and training full time and not going to school.  I need a life, like a real social life... any ideas?
     Wow I just looked at all that I wrote tonight, I really hope that you didn't read all of it because it was pretty much the most pointless thing that I have ever in my life wrote. Ah maybe if you look back at a post title weather that might just be the most pointless thing that I ever wrote, but this is sure coming in the top 5 I think.  Creative and pointless, wow my creative writing teacher in school would be so proud, this was just the kind of thing that she loved, loves? She still teaches I think...

G'night for now, look forward to a new post in a months time because that's about the time I will remember again that I have not writen for a long time.

Don't let them pull your wisdom teeth outs, it sucks

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Team, New Stuff, No teeth, Old life

Well as usual I not good at keeping up to date with my blog. Here are so things that are new in my life. I newly join a team in the Vancouver area called Trek RedTruck Racing. I very happy to be on a team for the whole year, it will be a new experience and a good stepping stone for my future. I know all the girls that will be on the team so it’s not like I’m going to be thrown into a new group again. As happy as I am to be on a team I wasn’t that trilled to be going back to raining Abbotsford. I was hoping for a team down in eastern Canada but that will come soon enough. I did have a chance in joining a team in France but I figured at the time that it was just a little too far to travel for my first team. I really don’t speak French either so that would make life kind of hard in the beginning. At lease I will be in Canada when they speak English and it might give me some time to learn how to speak French better.

Since the team that I am on is sponsored by Trek I will be getting a Trek bike for the first time. I just ordered the new Trek bike, at a time saying that I have a Trek or rode one at a time would have left a bad taste in my mouth but I have come to face the fact that I will be riding one and there really isn’t a choice in that. Along with my new bike, I have ordered a new pair of pedal, Time Speed and they are white… classily right? Well I along with getting a new pair of pedals and bike, I am getting a new pair of shoes, which also are white and black to match my white and black bike. Matchy match aren’t I fancy.

Today though I have real news which doesn’t involve cycling of any kind, drum roll please…. I got my bottom wisdom teeth out today with a bit of surgery. I went in at nine this morning a little freaked out with the whole, needle, pulling, blood, teeth thing. I was frozen my well, it took about ten hours before I could feel my bottom jaw again. Being a bit nervous, that’s an understatement, I got an IV drip put in and I don’t remember anything which makes a good story not very good because I don’t remember the cracking of the teeth or the drill, the blood or the mess. But it is a good thing for me because I am now not scarred for life!

I only remember them putting the IV in and the doctor talking to me a bit, then I closed my eyes and could hear them talking a bit about nothing to do with pulling my teeth out. I think they might have been talking about how their weekend was, or more likely it was my imaginational making things up because of the drugs that I was one. The next things I knew, the nurse was telling me to open my eyes up and helping me up and out of the room. It felt like it only took 5 minutes which is not possible because I was in the office for at least an hour and a half. I am really hurting now though…. The drugs are all gone (sad face) and the freezing is gone (happy face) I can feel my lips and eat and drink without it going all over the place and making me a mess. I am just going to be on pills for the pain for the next few days. I will not be training either because of the meds and the stitches in my mouth because it could lead to more bleeding.

This is the first time that I ever got stitches, I think I have four to six of them in my mouth, I really haven’t wanted to look at them because its nasty. I was too jacked on meds at the office to ask how many I got, or how long the surgery took or to see my teeth that they pulled because that would have been kind of cool to see. Imagine the money that I could have gotten from those teeth from the tooth fairy!

Now totally off topic, here is a joke from my brother – What do you call a dog with no legs? Don’t matter he ain’t going to come anyways.

Well that’s it for now, cheers my wonderful people.