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Monday, November 22, 2010

New Team, New Stuff, No teeth, Old life

Well as usual I not good at keeping up to date with my blog. Here are so things that are new in my life. I newly join a team in the Vancouver area called Trek RedTruck Racing. I very happy to be on a team for the whole year, it will be a new experience and a good stepping stone for my future. I know all the girls that will be on the team so it’s not like I’m going to be thrown into a new group again. As happy as I am to be on a team I wasn’t that trilled to be going back to raining Abbotsford. I was hoping for a team down in eastern Canada but that will come soon enough. I did have a chance in joining a team in France but I figured at the time that it was just a little too far to travel for my first team. I really don’t speak French either so that would make life kind of hard in the beginning. At lease I will be in Canada when they speak English and it might give me some time to learn how to speak French better.

Since the team that I am on is sponsored by Trek I will be getting a Trek bike for the first time. I just ordered the new Trek bike, at a time saying that I have a Trek or rode one at a time would have left a bad taste in my mouth but I have come to face the fact that I will be riding one and there really isn’t a choice in that. Along with my new bike, I have ordered a new pair of pedal, Time Speed and they are white… classily right? Well I along with getting a new pair of pedals and bike, I am getting a new pair of shoes, which also are white and black to match my white and black bike. Matchy match aren’t I fancy.

Today though I have real news which doesn’t involve cycling of any kind, drum roll please…. I got my bottom wisdom teeth out today with a bit of surgery. I went in at nine this morning a little freaked out with the whole, needle, pulling, blood, teeth thing. I was frozen my well, it took about ten hours before I could feel my bottom jaw again. Being a bit nervous, that’s an understatement, I got an IV drip put in and I don’t remember anything which makes a good story not very good because I don’t remember the cracking of the teeth or the drill, the blood or the mess. But it is a good thing for me because I am now not scarred for life!

I only remember them putting the IV in and the doctor talking to me a bit, then I closed my eyes and could hear them talking a bit about nothing to do with pulling my teeth out. I think they might have been talking about how their weekend was, or more likely it was my imaginational making things up because of the drugs that I was one. The next things I knew, the nurse was telling me to open my eyes up and helping me up and out of the room. It felt like it only took 5 minutes which is not possible because I was in the office for at least an hour and a half. I am really hurting now though…. The drugs are all gone (sad face) and the freezing is gone (happy face) I can feel my lips and eat and drink without it going all over the place and making me a mess. I am just going to be on pills for the pain for the next few days. I will not be training either because of the meds and the stitches in my mouth because it could lead to more bleeding.

This is the first time that I ever got stitches, I think I have four to six of them in my mouth, I really haven’t wanted to look at them because its nasty. I was too jacked on meds at the office to ask how many I got, or how long the surgery took or to see my teeth that they pulled because that would have been kind of cool to see. Imagine the money that I could have gotten from those teeth from the tooth fairy!

Now totally off topic, here is a joke from my brother – What do you call a dog with no legs? Don’t matter he ain’t going to come anyways.

Well that’s it for now, cheers my wonderful people.


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