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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Train Camp day two

It was day two in Penticton today and we were looking for some good riding up into Oliver than onto Twin Lakes. The ride started and my bike was making noise and jumping gears every pedal stoke or so. We stop to check it out, I just thought that the gears were off but it turned out that my chain was bent. There was nothing to fit it with right at the moment so I thought that I could ride it to the next town that was 15km up the road. It was annoying, yes, a pain and a half in the rear end, yes. The noise of the chain was driving me crazy but I made it to the town without breaking the chain. Mike Horn had to take a couple links out of the chain which meant that I couldn’t use most of my gears in the big ring. I was hoping that I would have a new chain by tomorrow but I just check that the one bike shop in Penticton is close on Mondays… Joy, oh well I’ll have to deal with it one more day. Grind or spin are my choices for tomorrow! Who needs middle gears, not me!

The trip out two OK Falls was a long and tiring trip. Seventeen or so hours it took to make it here from Regina Saskatchewan. I was going crazy by… mmm 3 hours in. I wasn’t a good start to the day. I ended up watching movies for about 5 hours of the trip, read a mag front to back and when my eyes couldn’t focus anymore I stared out the window for hours. The mood in the van was pretty mellow; it was sleep, talk, and look out the window. It was a slow trip because of the van’s monster intake of fuel. The first few gas stops were only after about 2 and a half hour. I was so nice to get to the condos and crawl into bed… I was so sleepy and tired.

Well I’m going to talk about the weather now, groan! I know. Well the weather here hasn’t been treating us that nice. The first day of riding it snow and rain… in other words it was wet and miserable. I wasn’t looking forward for a wet ride but it turned out not to be that bad, we missed the worst of it. Today it was cloudy but no rain… hopefully there will be no rain for the rest of the trip, fingers cross. On the way home the wind really picked up and bit back at us. Mother Nature seems like she can’t make up her mind this year.

Well this is it for now; I can barely keep my eyes open…..