Where I've Been

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Catching Up

      Catch up is what I have been doing for the past few weeks since I have returned home from Tucson.  The last month in Tucson flew by with training, power tests, birthdays, a race and general randomness from everyone.  The last couple days were spent cleaning and packing and cramming in the last bit of training before we all headed back to the cold and nasty weather of the places we called home.

    The drive back home was a long and uneventful, we ended up following my moody GPS and making is back to Canada 6 hours faster than the drive down.  It felt like we drove up hill the hold way back to Canada, which is kinda funny since it felt like the opposite one the way down. Who know if you drive North you are really going uphill haha.
      Since I have been home I have been sick with a cold and cant seen to shake it at all…. It hangs over my head like a little annoying fly and just when I think I have killed it, it comes back and I feel the tickle in my throat is still there. Then whole time that I was in Tucson I didn’t get sick at all and now that I got home it has caught up to me and making me pay.
    Training at home suck, I hate riding on the trainer or roller which makes work out go so slowly, I’m looking at the clock every 5 seconds and it is the longest 5 seconds of my life that I wish I could be rid of.  I miss riding outside in the sun shine in shorts and jerseys.  I haven’t got riding outside once since I have gotten home, I have turned soft.  I fully admit that I am soft and quite proud of it, training in the sun made me fast too; Faster than I would have been if I stayed at home and toughed it out in the cold and on trainers.  I am not motivated to go to the gym like I was before I left; I now find it tedious and boring.

    I will be leaving to Europe with the National team in about a week and I am super excited to be going again.  I will be gone for about 5 weeks and have a full racing schedule of UCI races and a couple World Cups… If that doesn’t get me into racing form I don’t know what will.  I will be sure to update how it is going.
   Once I get back from Europe that first things that I probably will do is sleep for a couple days, then do laundry and start packing again.  I will be moving out to Vancouver for the rest of the summer to race in Trek Red Truck.  I’m hoping to be in amazing form by then and injury free.