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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Giro di Burnaby

The Giro was our 5th race of BC Superweek which was down in the ‘colorful’ itialian part of Burnaby. I think all the girls were excited and a bit nervous going into the race because of how well we had all done in the past races. The course was wide open and at some points taking up three cars lanes, which made the corners very safe and fast to take.  Each loop of the course was 1.85km, which is long for a crit almost like a circuit race. 

       The race was very aggressive from the start with lots of attacks from the other teams and Trek. We were all covering attacks and staying on every move.  Five laps into the race one of the girls from Local Ride countered an attack of a team mate and I happened to be one her wheel at the time and went with her. We were able to get away and work together to get a big enough gap that some of the smaller teams wouldn’t have been able to chase us down.  Now I don’t know how it was in the pack but what I heard from the girls is that they sat on everything well and kept the group together so that no one could bring us back. They also grabbed most of the primes from the other teams.

       With 5 laps to go in the race I was getting a bit nervous I didn’t want the race to come down to a sprint, I had to make up my mind that I was going to attack the girl I was with on the next lap. So once the 4th lap rolled around, I waited till the right moment and then attack with everything that I had.  I didn’t want to mess it up from the team so I was super relieved when I was able to get away and solo it in for the win.

     The girls in the pack got ready for the group sprint with a third place still on the line. The sprint ended up going early and it worked out in our favor also. Karlee grab third place away from the other teams making two Trek girls on the podium for the second race in the row. The rest of the team finished strongly in the pack making a great showing of how we raced. So far the Trek girls have show that they are a very strong team and that others should watch out because we are on a roll!


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