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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leaving Soon

Well I thought that it was time for another entire for this blog. This past week had been very busy for me – I finished my grade 12 (yeah!!!) So now that means I’m done school (high school that is) and I have more time to train and do some of the things that I never get to do. The first couple of days after I finished school I didn’t know what to do, I walked around that house completely bored. – You only can train for so many hours in a day.

I’m going to be off to Tucson in a couple days now and I’m super excited to be going. I’ve never been there before but I’ve heard that it has great riding. I will know Tucson by that time I leave there – going to be riding there for a month! The first two weeks of the camp I will be riding with the Canadian Team, road and mountain will be there. And the second two weeks will be with Team BC. I've been trying to pack my bags for the last few hours and not making much progress with it. I start pack too much and then too little – I can’t take my cycling cloths out because I need them all, but then at the same time girls got to have a few choices with regular clothes too. I still need to pack my bike but that will only take about an hour or so, so there’s no rush with that.

There is nothing new with my life right beside me going away. I have no new bikes, but as a true cyclist I’m looking into a new road bike again. My BH has been good but it’s getting old and I have been replacing a lot of part on it. I pretty much replaced all the part on it besides the fame and fork. I’ve been saving up and I started a new business, catering, with my mom, so I’ve been making some good money that way. So hopefully I will be able to have a new bike by the fall or the winter of 2011.
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