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Friday, January 7, 2011

Le Buzz

We are living the life, we ride our bikes then we eat and lie by the pool and then eat again. We are living the life of a lazy man. The people here in Tucson must think that we are crazy it is their winter right now and we are walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Its 20c degrees here boo-ya! The riding has been going good besides the fact that my legs are stiff and tired from not riding outside for months. It is really nice not having to wear layers or to be suck on those terrible trainers. The first day up we got lost on the bike a bit and never could seem to find our way out of the city. The next day was more of a success with a nice ride out to a national park and then a couple loops of the 9 mile lap and back to our place.

The first few days of riding I over dressed, it was really silly of me to think that I would be cold after coming from Saskatchewan where the temp is about -12c right now. We found my favorite coffee shop in Tucson the other day, Le Buzz. They make the best coffee in Tucson, if you are ever in the area you have to stop at Le Buzz. You will always find a couple cyclists at Le Buzz because it is a couple miles from the base of Mount Lemmon. That’s the new Canadian hang out.

Peace out

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