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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tucson Update - well kind of....

Ok, here is an update on Tucson.

I got Twitter.

     Yes I know, I said I would never ever get Twitter but threats and presser made me cave.  Thanks guys.  Haha anywho it’s not as bad as I thought I just don’t understand it at all.  Twitter just another thing that I will get addicted too, like facebook, coffee, chocolate and Community.
     Now I know that this really isn’t a Tucson update, it’s an update on my life in general, so here is the real Tucson update.
      The riding has been getting better and better, my legs have finally started to pedal in circles; not squares. The riding has been sunny every day, not always warm enough for shorts and jerseys I might add but it’s still damn near wonderful.  I have still been taking it somewhat easy on the bike with no intervals just a lot of longish rides. More intense training will start in a few weeks time with hill repeats and speed work. I have all ready got tan lines on my legs much to my displeasure. I will have to get rid of those before they get worst. Otherwise I will have tan lines before its spring.
      We are now up to four people in the apartment; Brad arrived a couple of days ago and joined our Canadian village down here.  Along with Brad another new arrival was the espresso/cappuccino maker and it is HEAVEN!  I got some fresh espresso grinds from “Le Buzz” and now we can have Le Buzz coffee at home, no need to go to the shop.  But we still will anyways; it has free wifi and some of the best dessert bars that I have ever tasted.  Plus that’s what you do when you are super cool, you hang out at a coffee shop with your lap top in front of your and drink cappuccino’s.

Any other news? – The answer is no…. sorry J

Stay tune though, excitement is around the corner and through the desert, I can feel it!

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